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Brainvire is a top IT consultant and software development company with a global presence. With rich expertise of 18 years, it has been offering ground-breaking IT solutions and digital transformation services to cater to the needs of diverse industries. The EZlytix-Brainvire merger is a crucial step that escalates the business growth of industry leaders through managed analytics.

With the growth in volumes and velocity of data, every business enterprise needs to become more responsive to customer demands. Enterprises need data-driven results in real-time to make instant decisions.

According to a recent survey, 94% of the executives feel that automating manual reporting task would be effective in helping them achieve greater success. CFO can be a strategic advisor to their CEO and Board. They can spend more time identifying growth drivers and bridge the data gap between various business units.

Business enterprises need an easy-to-use self-service analytics solution, where it does not have to entirely rely on their IT team for providing them with meaningful insights and ability to perform real-time analysis.

A recent survey indicated that most of the business firms are still using traditional analytics playbook procuring software and deploy a team to build reports and dashboards. However, such implementations are both risky and time-consuming. It can take about 6-8 months to implement reports. Therefore, it’s time for them to adopt a Managed Analytics as a Service (MAaaS) solution that can improve margins without increasing the overhead costs.

The Merger of Two Innovative Solution Providers

We have read about and witnessed several mergers in the past where two business entities joined together to form a single unified company. The company can explore new opportunities and unleash its vision of business expansion.

A leader in Managed Analytics, EZlytics has merged with a Digital Enabler and pioneer of IT Solutions Brainvire to empower companies with interactive KPIs, advanced analytics, dashboards, and real-time reports.

The clients partner with Brainvire to implement cost-effective Analytics Solutions. These analytics solutions scale up the business. Moreover, it takes only a few weeks to run successfully rather than months.

Let’s explore the future implications and positive outcomes of this strategic development.

Highly Competent Team of Experts

A proficient and robust team is the foundation of every successful project. With close to two decades of experience, Brainvire specializes in offering Avant-garde solutions. With a proficient team of digital marketing experts, Microsoft solutions provider, and business intelligence, it has delivered projects successfully under strict deadlines.

However, when an additional force of data architects, professional analytics, and reporting developer from EZlytics join Brainvire, implementation of managed analytics will become much easier.

It will enable companies to drive more business benefits with real-time report generation to get a precise sales view.

Scope of Projects Expanded

The advantage of managed analytics allows Brainvire to expand its scope of projects and target a more extensive customer base. Analytics-as-a-Service will help to boost its efficiency and cater to more complicated tasks with ease. Managed Analytics will also allow us to improve its innovative solutions further, adopt the recent trends of market analytics, and use the best of resources.

Summing it Up

The two companies have merged recently. This merger will improve the efficiency and productivity of the team. Secondly, it will encourage the company to scale up for consistent enhanced growth and adopt new technologies with a dynamic approach while undertaking a complex project.

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