Actionable Insights

EZlytix helps to drive business outcomes from the data by connecting analytics to action

Improved Productivity

EZlytix automates data integration from multiple sources resulting into less time for data collection and more time for analysis

Data Management

Identify bad data, mash up it and fix the data issues using EZlytix

Rapid Deployment

Managed Analytics as a Service solution helps you to start deriving business insights in weeks


Our integrated Managed Analytics solution enables NetSuite users to gain meaningful insights into company performance across multiple departments, teams, and subsidiaries. The customized reports offer users incredible flexibility and help them easily understand what is happening in their business.

What we bring to you

Seamless Integration with NetSuite

Since EZlytix is fully integrated with NetSuite, it can replicate the data seamlessly and turn it into actionable insights.

Multi Sourced Data Consolidation

Programmatically consolidate the data from ERP, CRM, Custom Applications, and Spreadsheets into a single repository and improve the reporting efficiency.

Save up to 70% Time in Building Reports and Dashboards

EZlytix has more than 150+ pre-built KPIs that can save significant development time. We can build custom reports as per need.

Analyze Data 3X Faster

Our solution allows faster and easier access to your multiple data sources to get real-time insights and draw quicker conclusions.

Improve Your Margins up to 7%

Sales and Margin Management KPIs allow you to identify the outliers (by-products, customers, geography, and sales rep) and focus on the growth opportunities.

Easily Identify Upsell/Cross-sell Opportunities

Analyze your customer buying behavior and identify the top customers to target with the best offers at the best time.

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Sales and Margin Analytics Brochure

Sales and Margin Analytics Brochure

Identify opportunities to maximize gross margins, improve planning & forecasting and understand revenue drivers using EZlytix.

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Free Assessment

Free Assessment

Get a detailed Business Analytics Maturity Assessment Report

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Get the Insight, Interaction, and Automation Needed for Business Growth

Get in touch with our experts right away to extract greater value from your NetSuite ERP data.

    What our clients says?

    Bruce A,Winsystem

    EZIytix made it easy for our management to better understand operation and profitability. Increased productivity by over 15%

    Karl Berger360 Consulting

    EZlytix was able to combine ERP and CRM data that helped us improve sales efficiency by over 25% focusing on more profitable products and customers

    Kevin ClorTNT

    We were able, for the first time, geolocate all of our sales and products to identify areas of saturation and areas of opportunity. It's a game-changer.

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