On-Demand Webinar : Firing Customers Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Many companies struggle to improve their profitability. Although not intuitive, customer rationalization can effectively boost their bottom-line. During this live webinar, we will explore the implications of customer rationalization and how you can leverage data to make informed decisions.

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Topics covered in this webinar are:

  • Benefits of well-planned customer rationalization initiative
  • The organizational implications of any customer rationalization process
  • Impact on competitors and the marketplace
  • The importance of detailed data analysis of customer and product profitability


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Cary Mailandt

Cary is the managing partner of the consulting department of MCG, a 300+ person professional services firm with offices in Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin. Cary’s primary disciplines include transaction advisory, market diligence, strategic planning, business development and profit improvement. Cary’s clientele includes private equity firms and their portfolio companies in a wide variety of industries.

Carl Gentile

Carl is a serial CIO. As a trained data scientist, he has delivered data analytics solutions for multiple mid-market manufacturing and distribution companies. Carl has a unique understanding of all things data and an appreciation for the cultural changes required to implement a data analytics solution. EZlytix helps businesses grow and compete in today’s difficult business environment by unlocking the data that is trapped in their internal systems.

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