Deep Insights Without Deep Pockets

Because your data is much more than meets the eye, let us provide a complimentary proof of value using the data you already know. We want to earn your trust.

Proof of Value in 5 Days

Sample Data **

We will take your sample data in pre-defined Excel templates and load it into our cloud-based solution.


You can focus on other competing priorities while we Load, Transform and Enhance your data and provide you with actionable insights.

Growth Drivers

Leverage our battle-tested reports and dashboards to identify growth drivers based on various dimensions like customers, product, product-mix, salesforce, territory, etc.

Proof of Value

We will provide full-access to our solution. You can test it for 14 days with your data.

** Mutual NDA required


Proof of Value using your DATA

The Analytic Survey has highlighted some of the main outcomes of using a business analytics solution:

✔ Increased competitive advantage

✔ Increased revenues and margins

✔ Improved employee AND customer satisfaction

✔ Reduced costs

The great news is that business analytics is no longer just for large enterprises with deep pockets. With EZlytix Managed Analytics as a Service (MAaaS), every business can afford to analyze and understand their data for a small monthly subscription.

Sign-up for a FREE “Proof of Value” engagement and see your data spring to life in a matter of days.

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Our Free Proof of Value


Our Proof of Value approach addresses this challenge

Reclaim Your Time


Collect, cleanse and visualize consolidated data from a myriad of sources, freeing your time for other demands. Simplified, intuitive dashboards allow you to view and analyze all of the information you need at your desktop or on the go using your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Cut Your Investment


Compared to traditional analytic solutions, EZlytix provides the same, powerful capabilities at a fraction of the cost. Our monthly subscription pricing and fast installation ensures that you receive an excellent return on your investment.

Eliminate Risks


Until now, installing analytics involved a long, drawn-out IT project. EZlytix installs in a matter of days and delivers what you need. No time-wasting project meetings or budget crushing cost overruns. Press the “easy button” with EZlytix.

Elevate Your Game


Instead of spending your time collecting and manipulating data, let EZlytix perform that drudgery. You can use the consolidated data from EZlytix to elevate your game and become your company’s “data hero”.

About EZlytix

EZlytix offers a cloud based ‘Managed Analytics as a Service’ solution for small and mid-sized manufacturing and distribution companies and helps businesses GROW and COMPETE in today’s difficult business environment.  We unlock the data that is trapped in your internal systems. Our Sales and Margin Insights solution is designed to help small to mid-sized businesses increase their profitability through detailed analysis of customers, products, geographies and sales teams. Within a matter of days, you will be analyzing Sales and Margin trends using our proprietary insight panels that help you identify opportunities in the markets where you compete.

“I highly recommend this complimentary proof of value to anyone who is serious about revenue growth and improved margins. Take this opportunity to see what EZlytix can quickly achieve with your existing data.”

Mahesh Shetty

CFO, SG Blocks

“85% of executives cite Quarter after Quarter, Margin management as their Top concern”

– National Center for the Middle Market