Many business trends—such as globalization, vertical integration, and margin pressures are forcing mid-market manufacturing companies to find new and innovative ways to improve decision-making and boost sales performance. In general, data-driven decisions are more effective than “gut feel”.

Companies that invest in Analytics and successfully derive value from their data will have a distinct advantage over their competitors.

58% Percentage of leaders say that reporting continues to be the strongest driver of innovation for their firm. (Forrester)

What are the challenges?

Mid-market companies face the same kinds of challenges as larger enterprises. They need to maintain and grow their customer bases, boost brand visibility and increase sales and improve margins.

  • Companies are drowning in Internal and external data and are not able to get actionable insights from their data. This data comes from multiple systems (including outside agencies) and is difficult to integrate into a single reporting environment.
  • The traditional methods of implementing Business Analytics require a large capital budget, hard to find skills/resources and take about 6-8 months to implement.
  • It is very difficult and time-consuming for executives and other decision-makers to get a 360⁰ view of their business. The most critical issue is the inevitable data discrepancies that are spread across multiple sources. These data challenges impact the effectiveness of most business analytics efforts. Data issues must be addressed early in the implementation process. These often overlooked data issues impact the ability to derive value from traditional business analytics implementations.
  • Many companies operate on lean IT staff and cannot justify ROI on hiring full-time analytics resource(s). AaaS is designed for executives and other decision makers. The information delivered helps them manage and monitor the business’ performance and provide insights that help develop future growth strategies.

Analytics as a Service (AaaS) can help a company overcome these challenges by enabling a
data-driven culture.

Sales and Margin Analytics

EZlytix’ Sales and Margin Analytics uses your data from multiple systems and blends with outside economic indicators to help you increase sales and improve margins.

Start driving analytical efficiency by implementing Sales and Margin analytics and enable decision-makers to be more self-sufficient. This yield better results by providing valuable answers to a business’ most critical questions.

Drive sales, improve profitability:

  • Identify and address unprofitable customers
  • Flag customer buying patterns that can indicate issues with products, competitors or sales teams
  • Understand total cost for each product family. SKU, customer segment and individual customer

Get a complete turn-key solution in place rapidly:

  • Leverage prebuilt analytics and integration technology
  • Fixed low monthly fees
  • New reports and dashboard development included

Fast, low risk approach:

  • Fixed cost deployment
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model




Ranking Reports

Advanced Analytics

Sample Reports

Sales and Margin by Product Attributes

Top Shrinking Customers YOY 

Item Price Over Time

Average Profit Trends And Forecasts

Product Price Over Time

 12 Months Moving Average  

One of the key pain points for SMB’s is poor data quality and data sitting in silos. We address this problem by having Master Data Management capability part of our product and since we are application agnostic, we can integrating with industries 95% of the applications.

Discover how Sales and margin Analytics helps you find new opportunities, sell profitable products and accelerate growth. If you want to find out more about how EZlytix can boost your sales, then get in touch with us today.