SYSPRO & NetSuite Users Can Accelerate Business Decisions With Timely Availability of Data

by | Jul 13, 2018

SYSPRO and NetSuite users are now looking more closely at the data sources they hold and how they can use this data to improve their operations. But getting to the bottom of business information can be a difficult exercise as their data is buried in multiple layers, legacy systems and various other business applications. Such companies can make more use of the data held in applications today – both through providing new insight into existing data within a given application, or more interestingly by combining it with other internal or external data sets and make better decisions. But there are many challenges to get most out of this data:


  • Getting the information you need is difficult as it is spread across different mini silos including manual documents to simple spreadsheets. Consolidating the data from all the sources and creating reports is a time cumbersome task.
  • Turning raw data into useful information is difficult as it requires the application of business rules and complicated process. Overburdened IT and limited skilled resources is another challenge.
  • The reporting software / tools are often difficult to use and sometimes require technical expertise. Giving the impression that business user cannot do it.
  • Traditional managers from conservative organizations have a knack to “invent” and manipulate their own Management Information Systems (MIS) as per their own convenience. This tendency may give rise to unreliable conclusions and conflicting results.
  • It is generally seen, that reporting and data entry points, in conventional organizations are more manual, infrequent. One gets January’s sales figures in mid-February. One finds out that a key product line is selling fast, several weeks after it has happened. One gets management information, monthly or quarterly, not weekly or daily.

Action Points

There are several areas where SYSPRO and NetSuite organizations will have to think their approaches to use and reporting of data.

  • It is always advisable for organizations to plan out the details at micro level.
  • Decide on which data ought to be extracted from the system. Data size and range may vary. A small dataset can be helpful in solving the riddle and sometimes a full range of data can fall short of expectations.
  • Organizations must convert their data into a simplified format so that it is easy to use and work with. Only then good insights or inferences can be generated.
  • Always think and strategize on how the data needs to be joined together, for example, when analysing sales, for invoices to customers, products and sales representatives.

How EZlytix can help you to get the timely reports?

EZlytix offers Managed Analytics as a Service (MAaaS) for SYSPRO and NetSuite ERP users for them to get the most out of their ERP investment and enhance customer experience. EZlytix can blend SYSPRO or NetSuite ERP data with the data from other systems (Spreadsheets, Custom application, an old version of SAGE, HUBSPOT or Salesforce etc.)

MAaaS includes the following:

  • Cloud solution (No software, hardware or maintenance required)
  • Real time reports with up-to-date data (No need to wait till the month end to get the reports)
  • Integration with SYSPRO, NetSuite and other sources and get the consolidated data reporting
  • Self-service and Pre-build analytics (no need of skilled resources)
  • New report or KPI included in the subscription (so no additional cost)
  • No long-term contract

We offer ZERO risk “Try Before You Buy” option where we invest in loading your data from SYSPRO and NetSuite ERP and give you access to our solution. Your data will be stored in secured Amazon Cloud.

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