Data Visibility For Business Sustainability

How can we help? It’s the question we ask ourselves continuously these days. We know we’re not alone in wanting to contribute.

Now more than ever, companies need to manage their daily operations and adapt their plans to this changing environment which will have lasting effects on their business operations and continuity. During the economic slowdown, we know your ability to work in the upcoming weeks and months is critical to drive the growth. So, in the spirit of helping you through the challenges you’re facing, here is a set of KPI’s recommended by a group of CFOs which we have compiled in a Dashboard that you might find valuable right now to make key decisions and quickly deliver against mission-critical priorities that drive your organization’s performance.

We Can Help

The support you need to sustain today and recover and thrive tomorrow.

Free access to a dashboard with critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to stay on top of this crisis and manage your business with confidence.

Key metrics that you will get:

  • Executive Summary (Sales, Cost, Profit, Margins)
  • Customer Activity (New & Retained Customers and Sales, AR Aging)
  • Sales Order Analysis (Monthly Orders,Order Value, Return Orders, On Time Vs Late Shipments, Upcoming Order Shipments)
  • Sales and Target (Daily Cumulative Sales against the monthly target, % Target Achieved)

Who Can Benefit?

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Vice President Sales

How To Enable The Dashboard For Your Organization?

Please fill out the form. We will get in touch with you to enable the dashboard with your data. We will take care of all the heavy lifting.
It will take us about 5-7 days to enable the dashboard after our initial call.

    At EZlytix, our mission is to provide a turn-key solution to help mid-market focus on ‘Profitable Growth’ by leveraging data & automation.
    We want you to know we’re here to help you.

    What Our Clients Says ?

    Bruce A,Winsystem

    EZIytix made it easy for our management to better understand operation and profitability. Increased productivity by over 15%

    Karl Berger360 Consulting

    EZlytix was able to combine ERP and CRM data that helped us improve sales efficiency by over 25% focusing on more profitable products and customers

    Kevin clorTNT

    We were able, for the first time, geolocate all of our sales and products to identify areas of saturation and areas of opportunity. It's a game-changer.